Gina Rau

If you aren’t consistently connecting with your ideal audience in a meaningful or relevant way, your sales may be missing the mark. Everything feels harder than it should. And your results show it.

What’s at stake could be wasted resources like time and money. Slow sales could also impact the future of your company.

Some of the companies I work with know that something “isn’t working”, while others are looking for fresh, new ideas. Some need a strategic marketing plan, or outside resources to fill a gap on their team.

I work with startups, entrepreneurs and growth- minded businesses to transform their sales and marketing results. We roll up our sleeves for meaningful results.

Let’s connect and explore making mighty big impact together!

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A Few Ways I Work With Clients

Brand Foundation

People prefer to do business with companies they know, like and trust. Is your brand showing up authentically “you” each and every day? Clearly defined brands are able to deeply connect with their audience in ways that builds trust, loyalty and sales. This work explores who your brand is, what your one-and-only story is (messaging and positioning) and the unique value you bring to the world.

This foundation makes future marketing and sales efforts authentic, compelling and easier.

Audits & Strategic Plans

When plans aren’t working, sales leads aren’t converting or your audience just ins’t responding, it shouldn’t lead to scrapping everything. There is likely some gold in your mines — we just need to filter through everything else to find it.

Deep dives into your brand, messaging, channels and all sales and marketing efforts from an outside perspective offers unimaginable insights. It’s from this baseline that new strategic plans are developed.

B2B Sales Impact

Getting the sales formula right for your business can often be your make-it or break-it factor. Successfully selling your product or service is critical to growth. But sometimes it’s hard, especially if you’re not a natural born sales leader, don’t enjoy it and can’t afford a sales team.

Let’s make those efforts easier through a strategic plan based on where you’re at today and where you want to be in 3, 6 or 12 months, align resource recommendations and explore areas to automate.

Campaign Strategy

It’s easy to believe you don’t have enough money, fans or resources to think and plan big for a launch of something new. I hear it all the time. What I bring to my clients is the ability to fearlessly dream big and find a path to bring the unimaginable to life.

My approach is a blend of connecting clever, creative ideas with proven strategies and tactics to deliver the results you need. I also facilitate ideation or brainstorming sessions with groups and teams using design thinking constructs.

Events and Workshops

Watch for upcoming events (or invite me to speak at yours) to explore strategically making impact through authentic brandful storytelling and thinking big.

Advising and Training

My clients have a wide range of needs that I fill, if I’m the right person for the job. Often times, high level strategic leadership and plan design is needed on an ongoing basis. Growing teams will hire me to train and mentor new marketing hires to execute on the strategic plans we’ve developed. Rarely do two client engagements look alike.

Gina defines what social and digital marketing needs to be today.