Why I Want You to Pick My Brain

Pick my brain

A few years ago, an article was heavily shared around the social web that strongly declared the statement: No, you can’t pick my brain. You see, smart people who have demonstrated success often get asked (sometimes by random strangers) if they can buy them a coffee or lunch in exchange for their thoughts on a new idea. Many of these smart people sharing the article make a living advising clients by using their wisdom, so it makes sense why they don’t want to give it away for a cup of $4.50 coffee.

The value isn’t balanced there. I get that. And there’s a point of abuse, for sure.

But I strongly believe that when you give, you get. And it happens in that order. I also believe in supporting small business and startup communities, which is why I mentor for programs like Startup Weekend. I enjoy giving of my time and marketing wisdom to help others see a path they didn’t before, get over a hurdle and take steps towards growth in their business.

This is what happens when you’re crazy in love with what you do and want to share it with the world. Give to get.

What’s in this for me besides the joy of helping someone work through their marketing challenges? Insights and the opportunity to learn. The only way I can develop content and programs that better help startups, small to mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs is to know and understand their business problems well. I have some mighty big ideas about programs I want to build but they’re meaningless if they don’t solve real problems in impactful ways.

So, do you want to pick my brain? Learn more and schedule a time by clicking here.

Note: Could people take advantage of my generosity? Absolutely. But I know how to recognize those situations and steer clear. I also believe that most people are good and honest in their intentions, and may not realize they’ve crossed a line.