What Social Media Networks Are Right For My Business?

By October 2, 2013Engagement

There comes a point when marketers ask themselves: what social media networks are right for us? It’s an important question that should be discussed early in the strategy development process because the response has the potential to impact investment, resources and success.

While there might be social media networks that you are comfortable and familiar with, or networks that you just feel you “need to be in”, approaching this from a strategic perspective ensures that your most valuable resources (your people’s time) is well spent. There are many social networks to consider and there will always be the shiny new toys, but focusing on too many networks could waste resources and spread them too thin, which means you’re really not doing your best in any one. Active focus on the wrong networks could mean that you’re missing your audience entirely.

What Social Network Is Right For You?

The infographic below is a good place to start answering this question. Having an understanding of the strengths and audiences of each network will help you align your own goals and target demographics to the right network. Whether you’re just starting to develop your social media strategy, or if you’re considering new networks to add to your program, it’s best to make sure your expectations are realistic and communicate this to stakeholders.

What’s missing in this infographic is information directly related to your specific industry, product or service. While the target demographic for a food blog that focuses on healthy holiday treats for gluten free kids might fit the profile for LinkedIn users, people may not be expecting, wanting or reading content at LinkedIn that isn’t relevant to their business persona. Efforts might better be spent on Facebook or Pinterest, especially if the blog has beautiful photography.

That said, if you have the resources and want to experiment, I encourage you to do so in a strategic way. If you’ve successfully mastered Facebook and have an engaged audience, consider extending those conversations in other networks. Cross-over campaigns that offer a variety of ways to participate and engage might reveal a new network to explore.

What social networks are you currently experimenting with or considering exploring?

Choosing the most effective social media platforms - Infographic
Courtesy of: Infographics.SG
Thanks to Mary Rarick for sending this infographic my way! She always finds the best resources and generously shares these gems with her network.