Get Ready to Reach 1% of Your Facebook Fans

By March 24, 2014Engagement, Social Media

How frustrating is it to check on your Facebook impressions these days? They seem to whittle away each week to a pathetic low. It’s practically embarrassing, right?

Guess what? As if things weren’t bad already, connecting with your Facebook fans is going to get even harder (or more expensive). It looks like more algorithm changes are coming that could take Facebook post impressions down to 1 to 2% of your fan base.

Before you reach up to pull your hair out, remember this: Facebook is a business with the goal of making money. No different than your business. They’ve given a lot away for free – and for many years. Now they’re a public company with shareholders who demand to see a profit.

Can you blame them?

It’s really easy to get frustrated and even curse the platform that encouraged brands to grow an audience that was interested in what they had to share. Thanks to that generosity, many companies saw social media as practically free. But now they want our money to reach “our” audiences. Were we ever right to think that we owned this audience and had the right to speak to them?

Smart folks like Dr Pepper has been encouraging their fans to convert to their database by giving them perks to “sign up” for so that they hear from the brand outside of Facebook. You can read more about how to do that here – it’s not too late.

For the rest of us, what do we do?

We pay. And pay. And pay a lot. But there’s more frustration with paying, right?

Have you tried to place an ad or promote a post lately on Facebook? Have you noticed that promoting the same post from your mobile device vs through your desktop browser can (and often does) present different budgets and impressions?

It’s maddening! Some days it’s easy to wonder if Facebook is intentionally messing with our minds.

But here’s the deal: Facebook is a for-profit business that needs to turn a profit. And what that means for you and I is that we really need to get over it. Get over the frustration and stop cursing at your screen. It’s not going to help. Trust me.

What can you do to reach your fans?

Besides paying to promote posts, continue to provide value in interesting ways. What that means for every brand is different – some may entertain, some may share other people’s content and others will leverage user-generated content. Keep experimenting with different post and content types to see what your unique audience responds to best and improve from there.

Have you seen a trend in your Facebook Insights around which post types do best for you? What are your most successful tactics to reach your audience natively in Facebook?