Increase Online Registration by Defining WIIFM

By June 9, 2013Engagement

All too often, organizations look at their registration system as a means to an end: a process site visitors go through in order to leave information behind that the organization can follow up on. I’m hoping this isn’t a newsflash to hear that this is not why people register at your site. They arrived at your site with ¬†intentions of reading content, shopping, engaging or maybe making a purchase. Providing their email address so that you can fill their inbox with messages never crossed their minds.

Unless, of course, you offered something compelling in exchange for the data you desire. People place a value on their personal profile data and take into consideration what you’re offering them in exchange for it. Self-serving reasons such as “so we can better serve you” just don’t cut it, but over 40% of consumers are willing to share lifestyle, demographic and media usage information in exchange for something relevant from an organization.

I recently presented a helpful webinar tips to increase online registration rates by offering high-value reasons, or benefits, for site visitors to register that provides examples of organizations like Airbnb, Yamaha, Amazon and others that do this well. Check out the slides and let me know what you think: how are you offering value in exchange for visitors to register at your site?