The Importance of Content Marketing [Infographic]

By August 29, 2013Content Marketing

It’s a common assumption made by many small to medium sized business owners that they’re “too small” for a content strategy, even if they agree that content marketing is important to grow their business. The challenges come to mind immediately: staffing resources, costs, skill sets, and all the unknown factors they’re positive are “out there”. If challenges and hurdles come to mind before the even longer list of benefits has a chance, it’s easy to see why business owners could feel overwhelmed.

The flip side, of course, is in the opportunity to significantly grow your business through content that your audience wants or needs (let’s call this useful content). The compelling research that I like to share indicates that

#1 B2B organizations that blog generate 67% more leads, and

#2 68% of people read content from brands they’re interested in

Those two are powerful enough in their own right. Add to this the fact that your competitor likely has a content strategy, and you can see how it just makes good business sense to develop and execute a well-planned content strategy.¬†Your audience is online looking for content from brands they are considering doing business with and the companies who offer useful content that addresses their needs wins. It’s really that simple.

This infographic from Wishpond illustrates some of the important benefits of having and executing a content strategy. Check it out and think about your content strategy.

The State of Content Marketing 2013

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