Content Marketing Success: Make Boring Content Entertaining

By October 30, 2013Content Marketing

Those of us who have been traveling for business a while can remember a time when the safety instructions were something you ignored by burying your head in your Daytimer or book. Yes, I’m talking about air travel before Southwest Airlines’ flight attendants added an element of fun and personality to the skies.

The thing is, every business has important information that their customers or prospects need to know. In some cases their content marketing plan might include instructions to ensure the product works properly in a way to keep them safe or detail warnings to protect the organization from claims and lawsuits. This is typically not the type of content people enjoy reading, but often feels necessary.

The Path to Content Marketing Success

What if this important content was enjoyable, entertaining and fun? Think about the articles, images and videos that earn your attention online – are they boring and full of legal copy like a pharmaceutical ad? Or do they touch you in a way that puts a smile across your face? Do you think your audience is that different?

The majority of organizations won’t invest the time, effort or resources it takes to develop content that goes above and beyond covering their rear ends into a realm that is share-worthy. This is where the magic happens. This is how brands connect with their audience in memorable ways.

So, are you willing to think big and be bold? ¬†Why can’t you turn your warnings, limitations, instructions and product details into something people want to consume? What if you decided to tell a story instead of publishing a 20-page white paper? Could your owner’s manuals and spec sheets have some brand personality throughout?

Check out this video from Virgin America and tell me in the comments below: what’s holding you back.

ps. I also have to point out that this video is completely aligned with Virgin America’s brand personality, tone and voice. Many airlines could not pull this off – but they do so, beautifully!