Connecting with Fans: Rekindle the Spark

By February 6, 2013Engagement


Monopoly New Token

Cat lovers (and there are a lot of them) may be first in line to grab the newest Monopoly game, but players old and young are talking about the mature Hasbro brand today. 

And there lies the smart strategy behind what started as a simple Facebook promotion to vote for a new game token. Monopoly has been around for more than 75 years which makes it a very mature consumer brand, the kind of brand that needs to sustain interest and relevance to their audience. An audience, by the way, that is increasingly tempted with the newest and coolest video games that have the potential to replace board games.

This promotion encouraged anyone who has ever played Monopoly to reminisce, perhaps journey back to their own childhood days of playing the game with their family or friends at the kitchen table. Taking over Boardwalk and St James Place, and building their real estate empire. In that nostalgia lies the magic of this campaign. The kind of magic that builds loyalty and advocacy. The kind of spark that rekindles brand affinity.

Mature brands don’t need to wait for a milestone anniversary to create this surge of interest, or slipping sales. The key is to connect with those who have always loved your brand, and find ways to make your brand, message or product relevant to a new audience.

What are you waiting for?