Book Club: Youtility by Jay Baer

I have truly lost track of how many times each week I’m asked for a book recommendation. So many times, in fact, that it only makes sense to start sharing them right here on my own site as a resource. Only the most useful, engaging and easy to read and absorb books make it to my own list and I’d never suggest that I haven’t read myself (and loved). Here we go…

It wasn’t hard to think about which book would be the first to make this list because I reference Youtility every few days. It’s that important. I truly enjoyed reading Jay Baer’s first book, Now Revolution, with Amber Naslund, but Youtility is one that I make sure each of my clients read before we work together. It’s a primer for how to market in today’s world.

Youtility has had led to such a mindshift for one of my clients that he quotes examples and has memorized which chapter they represent That demonstrates the simplicity, yet incredible impact, of the message: Help, don’t sell.



When you create marketing programs and content that is focused on helping your audience, rather than sell something to them, you earn their attention. In today’s world, attention is every marketer’s battle because every product, service, brand and organization, along with friends, family and acquaintance are fighting for it.

Jay shares real-world examples of companies providing high-value information with the end-goal of earning attention, rather than selling. Selling will happen in the long run, of course, but giving your audience value, or Youtility, comes first.

I shared Kleenex’s example of Youtility on Jay’s Convince and Convert site recently, and continue to see smart marketers everywhere take this approach. Whether you have faith and believe in helping instead of selling, or not, go read this book today. Then, listen to your audience to determine what they need and figure out how to give it to them with no strings attached.

For my clients and my own work, offering value across the board is part of our strategy and filter process for all that we do. If a blog post, new program or marketing campaign doesn’t help our audience in some way, we better have a darn good reason to move it forward. In many cases, that doesn’t always mean that the goal is to inform or educate, but rather it could be to entertain, connect with community or impact our customers’ lives in some positive way. You’ll find a variety of examples in the book to give you ideas on how to implement this for your own business.

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t enjoy reading Youtility. If you don’t want to take my word, read the 81 reviews on Amazon that average out to give the book a 4.8 rating.

Since the theme here is all about being helpful, here’s a checklist (below) to accompany your book that will help you better help, not sell, in your own marketing efforts. And because I wholeheartedly agree with this concept, drop me a line¬†or leave a comment below if you have a question that I can help with. Anything. Really.