Book Club: Getting Naked

By June 18, 2016Books I Recommend

Let me start by saying that Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni should be required reading for everyone who has clients or customers, works with clients or customers, manages accounts, makes presentations or talks to clients or customers. Yes, pretty much everyone in business.



Reading Getting Naked will change the way you approach business and serve your customers. While it will seem like common sense, it has the potential to transform your work.

The book tells the tale of a small consulting practice, Lighthouse Partners, that mysteriously and often wins business over the bigger consultancy practices with their fine suits, dog and pony presentations and large teams. I listened to the audio version and often found myself sitting in my car after I had arrived at my destination to continue with the intriguing story.

There are unbelievable moments throughout the tale that provide examples of exactly what Patrick means by getting naked: better serving (and servicing) customers by being vulnerable and listening. It’s about shedding your ego and realizing that you don’t need to be right or have all of the answers. Being authentic and open with customers, it turns out, is the secret to building customer trust and loyalty as we learn from the Lighthouse Partners’ story.

The lessons within the tale will help you shed the three fears that hold many people back from growing their business:

  1. Fear of losing the business
  2. Fear of being embarrassed
  3. Fear of being inferior

In this enjoyable read, he demonstrates that by removing these fears and approaching customers authentically (which means asking dumb questions sometimes) you can actually attract more ideal customers and enjoy your work.

Have you read Getting Naked yet?