Gina Rau Brand Strategista

My mission is to help you achieve meaningful impact in your business, and in your life. Maybe the world. Hey, I think big.

Mighty big.

Every client I work with, workshop I lead and event I speak at benefits from my strategic marketing expertise, fearless approach to ideation, insane determination  to achieve and many years of experience working with global brands, startups and every type of business in between.

This fabulous journey started in sixth grade with a class project selling Happiness Pills. I marketed Jujubes as magical pills that would make even the crankiest of folks happy.

Later when my friends pursued traditional  careers in medicine, education and other well-traveled paths, I dreamed of shaking things up and blazing a trail. Visions of myself on Madison Avenue, leading meetings in fashionable suits. Think Melrose Place.

Those dreams took me on some incredible adventures.

During my years at Disneyland I discovered the power of magical experiences. A graduate of Hamburger University and five years leading marketing at McDonald’s during the Super Size Me days was more like the school of  hard-knocks for branding. Boy did I learn a lot about how brands can completely shift perception and sales.

hint: it’s through authentic, brand storytelling!

My storytelling chops were refined working with the crazy-smart folks from Wunderman and Lucas Films  developing Star Wars promotions for Taco Bell. Later, I connected  Haggen Food and Pharmacy consumers with food growers through stories in the first-ever local farmer event, proving that people truly want to buy from other people they know, like and trust.

Lessons in branding, marketing and life

Working with strong global brands like McDonald’s, Samsung, Coke and Whole Foods taught me more about brand building than any MBA program could have.

Above all,  I’ve learned that stories deliver the powerful “why” behind every business. They are the driving force behind earning attention, sales and loyalty.

We’re all people that are wired to love stories

Let’s face it, whether you’re B2B or B2C, it’s all P2P: people to people. And it’s human nature to connect through stories and experiences. It’s actually through telling stories about your passion, vision, brand and products (rather than “selling”) that compel others to take action.

I believe there’s an incredibly powerful story in every business, organization and entrepreneur. Let’s  discover yours and bring it to life together.

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What People Say About My Work

Gina is a creative marketing strategist and understands how to take a brand, regardless of size, service or product offering, and connect the brand with their audience.

Jenny DigglesVice President, MacAurthur Capital, LLP

Gina is socially savvy and knows how to drive not only brand recognition, but create a clear message to the customer to help support sales.

Greg WallSr Account Manager, Blue Jeans Network

Gina's marketing leadership on external facing elements led to new channels for consumers to find us and purchase, leading to our most successful years.

Greg Klose VP Sales and Marketing, Cadet Heat

Gina has a unique ability to help organizations build their brand and connect with their audience. She exudes confidence, will take an idea and run with it, and is not afraid to speak up and challenge the status quo.

Katie HillSenior Interactive Producer, Subtext Digital