Stand out in a crowd

How to Stand Out to Your Future Customers

Have you ever sat down to write a blog post, prospect email or social media post and thought: what do I want to tell my audience about? Or even, what am I inspired to write today? It’s far easier to write quickly when inspiration comes form within rather than an assignment. I learned this first…

Tell your elevator pitch

How to Craft a Compelling Elevator Pitch with Impact

How many times have you been at an event or sitting at a bar when you meet someone new and they ask: So, what do you do? It seems really innocent and full of curiosity but your blood pressure spikes a bit as you tell this long-winded story about what you do and how you do it….

Pick my brain

Why I Want You to Pick My Brain

A few years ago, an article was heavily shared around the social web that strongly declared the statement: No, you can’t pick my brain. You see, smart people who have demonstrated success often get asked (sometimes by random strangers) if they can buy them a coffee or lunch in exchange for their thoughts on a…

How to Write A Case Study

How to Write Case Studies With Big Impact

Do you know what women talked about in beauty salons back in the ’50’s? The products they used and loved, and sometimes those that disappointed. Within the company of friends and others “like me”, they confidently advocated for the products and brands that solved problems they likely all faced at some point. Whether you’re selling…

Disney Magic

Great Brands Speak to Their Customers’ Emotions

Great brands move people in a certain way. They know exactly how people want to feel (emotional goals) and speak to that in everything they do, from product design and advertising to the final sales pitch. People believe everything these brands claim in their marketing because they deliver on their promises consistently, and in very…

Story Gathering Culture

Content Success Through A Story Gathering Culture

While we’re nearing content overload, people want stories more than ever. Stories are different from your average business content in that they tend to give the audience a peak into a company culture, belief system and values held important by the organization. Company stories that are emotional and revealing can demonstrate what the brand, and…


Leveraging Your Brand as a Competitive Advantage

If a brand is defined by how people feel, or believe they will feel, when they buy, use or interact with that brand, it’s important to understand unique differentiation in order to have unique value. Every product has both real benefits (shoes that protect my feet while hiking) and perceived intangible benefits (feeling good about…

Instacart fan

Defining What Brand Means

Most people can quickly think of a handful of brands they like when asked. These might be brands that make products they use or wear everyday (Nike, Apple Starbucks), or aspirational brands that they hope to own someday (maybe a Tesla). And if shown a series of brand logos like those below, most people can…

Need A Fresh Perspective-

Five Ways a 3rd Party Perspective Adds Value

Have you ever asked a friend or co-worker for their opinion on something? Maybe it was a big presentation to senior management, or a vacation spot. Or if that dress made your hips look wide? We rely on input and feedback from others we trust because sometimes we need that outside perspective to broaden our…