Exceptional marketing results start with a story.

Connect with your audience, compel them to buy, and exponentially grow with a better customer journey.

Gina Rau

Compelling brand content experiences delivered to the right audience, at the right time makes it easy for people to say YES! Mighty Big Impact founder, Gina Rau, helps companies improve the buyer journey to get better results.

Brand Foundation

Define your brand persona, ideal audiences and messaging hierarchy to more easily tell a strong and consistent story in market. Stand out, target your efforts, and build an authentic brand.

Customer Journey Map

Align your marketing, sales and customer experience efforts to maximize the value of each touchpoint, for you and your customer. Shorten sales cycles, increase usage, and grow your bottom line.

Content Marketing

Develop a content marketing strategy and create compelling content to tell your unique story at each stage of the customer lifecyle. Intentionally move your audience through their journey from prospect to loyal advocate.