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My clients are passionate entrepreneurs and business leaders determined to grow.

They also have real problems keeping them awake at night. Challenges standing between them and big, hairy goals. They’re not connecting with prospects. Selling feels hard (and long). Crickets in social channels.

I help my clients grow their business (and sleep better) by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

Some of the great brands and companies I’ve worked with include: 

Brand Foundation

We start with deep exploration of defining your MIP (most ideal personas) to develop your unique story and messaging so that you can more easily connect with them throughout all your marketing.

Audits & Strategic Plans

Deep dives into your brand and marketing efforts from an outside perspective offers unimaginable insights. Activate findings with a strategic plan for mighty big impact.

Campaign Strategy

Launching a new product or campaign requires connecting clever, creative ideas to proven strategies and tactics to generate strong awareness and deliver the results you need.

B2B Sales Impact

Successfully selling your product or service is critical to growth. Let’s make those efforts easier through a strategic plan, resources and automation.

Brand Blueprint Workshops

Watch for upcoming events (or invite me to speak at yours) to explore strategically making impact through authentic, brandful storytelling and thinking big.

Advising and Training

I work 1:1 with clients as a high-level, strategic marketing advisor, VP of Marketing for Hire and mentor/train existing team members to execute our plans.

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Gina's strategies and recommendations have resulted in marketing efforts that are less time-consuming, more cost effective and, most importantly, produce results beyond my imagination. That's what I call mighty big impact!

Susan Clark, heartspark

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